Sign the Petition to Pres. Obama to Free the Cuban Five

Individuals and political organizations opposing the half-century-old U.S. economic blockade against Cuba have joined in sponsoring a petition to President Obama to free the Cuban Five prisoners. This “Pardon for the Five” group is presently seeking signatories for a printed petition and for the on-line petition version that appears below. When arrested over 12 years ago, the five Cuban men were monitoring private paramilitary groups in Florida engaged in organizing anti-Cuban terrorist a

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Sign the USPC Petition on Korea

Petition to President Barack Obama and Congress to end the Korean War and Normalize Relations 1. War tensions on the Korean Peninsula have recently escalated over joint United States - South Korea naval maneuvers off the coast of North Korea and China. These "war games" resulted in an exchange of artillery initiated by South Korea to which the North responded leading to known deaths and injuries. A peace treaty ending the Korean War of the 1950's has never been signed between the U.S. and Nor

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