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New Haven Board of Alders Unanimously Passes Resolution: Cut Military Budget, Fund Human Needs

The New Haven, Connecticut, Board of Alders heard from city Department heads how they could fulfill their missions if money now going to war making were available. The city could meet "unmet social-service needs. We would truly end homelessness and expand the re-entry programs. Rebuild the senior's program and finish the youth center! There would be quality health care and drug rehab on demand. Food Justice for all!" Moreover, "We would have plenty of jobs and affordable housing. And a hi

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Letter to the Editor: Hysteria aside, we’re just as threatening as Russia

The outburst of patriotic fervor by our Congressional delegation at the sighting of a Russian vessel off the coast of New London is a frightening display of lack of leadership and understanding of the current threat to peace. In a calm, reflective consideration, without the appeals to hysteria that befits an elected leadership that is empowered to vote on war and peace, life and death, destruction or construction, normal diplomatic relations or bitter dangerous hostility, it is imperative tha

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Reading Martin Luther King’s “Beyond Vietnam”

Reading Martin Luther King’s “Beyond Vietnam”

 A community reading of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “Beyond Vietnam” speech of 1967 April 4 at Riverside Church in New York. King alienated the establishment by pointing out and linking the triple evils of militarism, racism and poverty. Because the US is fighting so many wars, wars that it started, and continues to demand regime change defying the sovereignty of many nations, and because poverty and racism in the US are accelerating, the speech still resonates today. Friday, 2017 January 1

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Peace Council Syria Conflict Reference List

After returning from the peace and justice delegation to Syria in July 2016, members of the Greater New Haven of the US Peace Council chapter started collecting some useful references to the conflict in that country. We created an informal, annotated reference list to which we occasionally add new material. You can find it HERE.

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Keep Space for Peace, Oct. 1-8

The U.S. and NATO have surrounded Russia and China with military bases and missile sites. U.S. and NATO troops are holding war exercises on the Russia border. The U.S. Air Force and Navy are provoking China in the South China Sea. These dangerous actions may esclate, intentionally or by accident, to a nuclear confrontation between nuclear weapons states. Our security, indeed the life of our planet, is being jeopardized. Join the October actions. Download and share the poster: Keep Space for P

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Tax Day 2016 Action, New Haven: End the Wars, Cut the Military, Spend on Human Needs

Tax Day 2016 Action, New Haven: End the Wars, Cut the Military, Spend on Human Needs

On Tax Day, Friday April 15th, the Greater New Haven Peace Council asked downtown passersby to vote where they want their taxes to go. On a table six jars were labeled with Food/Housing/CleanWater (37%), Education/Job Creation (19%), Healthcare (16%), Environment/Alternative & Sustainable Energy (11%), Military (10%), Infrastructure/Government (7%). Each person was given 12 glass pebbles to drop into jars of her choice. The results were votes - see percentages above - for peace not war.

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Long Ovedue to End the Toxic US Alliance with Saudi Arabia Monarchs

To view or download pdf version click below. Saudi Flier No Obama Trip

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New Haven Mayor Toni Harp speaks on the Human Right to Peace

New Haven Mayor Toni Harp speaks to the need to recognize the Human Right to Peace. Organized by the Greater New Haven Peace Council, a speak out on International Day of Human Rights, December 10, 2015, drew dozens of participants in front of the Amistad Statue by City Hall. See story in Yale Daily News.

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