Tax Day 2016 Action, New Haven: End the Wars, Cut the Military, Spend on Human Needs


On Tax Day, Friday April 15th, the Greater New Haven Peace Council asked downtown passersby to vote where they want their taxes to go. On a table six jars were labeled with Food/Housing/CleanWater (37%), Education/Job Creation (19%), Healthcare (16%), Environment/Alternative & Sustainable Energy (11%), Military (10%), Infrastructure/Government (7%). Each person was given 12 glass pebbles to drop into jars of her choice. The results were votes – see percentages above – for peace not war.

At the same time we passed out the flier below calling on all candidates to debate the US military budget. Most are unaware that past, present and future wars soak up over half of our taxes every year. The Military Industrial Complex makes huge profits selling weapons to all sides of the wars and then uses some of the illgotten gains to lobby and press Congress and the President to start more wars. Our actions joined the international Global Day of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS), co sponsored by United for Peace & Justice.

Local press coverage with photos and video is here.2016.4.7 Insist Candidates TaxDay Flier.72



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