WARNING: A US-Sponsored Fascist Coup in Venezuela!

James Jordan, of the Alliance for Global Justice, warns that we need to direct our energies toward blocking a US-sponsored fascist coup in Venezuela. James leads AFGJ’s Colombia Watch... Read more »

Alliance for Global Justice Statement on Right-Wing Violence in Venezuela

| February 17, 2014 |

Nearly a year ago, March 5, 2013, delegations of world leaders, dignitaries and millions of Venezuelans went to pay their respects at the funeral of... Read more »

World Peace Council Denounces the Plans for Destabilization of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

The World Peace Council denounces the ongoing plans and actions to destabilize the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela by reactionary forces and groups with the support of imperialist forces. The recent... Read more »

Colombian Government Repression of Catatumbo Peasants Has Lessons

By Tom Whitney |

 Open letter – Mr. President [Santos]: I would like to have you tell me to my face that I am a guerrilla. None of us... Read more »

Opposition to Venezuelan President Maduro’s Government Has Resources

| By Tom Whitney |

The 1.6 percent margin by which Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) took the presidential elections of April 14,... Read more »

OTAN, la Alianza Militar más Terrorífica de la Historia, Amenaza América Latina

CEPRID – La Organización del Tratado del Atlántico Norte (OTAN) o NATO (por sus siglas en inglés) es la alianza militar más terrorífica y de mayor potencia destructiva, nunca... Read more »

SOA Watch: Stand with Father Roy After His Dismissal by Vatican!

With great sadness we letting you know that the Vatican has dismissed Father Roy Bourgeois from the priesthood... Read more »