First Caribbean Peace Conference

Resisting the Nuclear and Environmental Disaster; Building Peace in the Caribbean

Bridgetown, Barbados, National Union of Public Workers
2017 October 5-6

From the Presentation by the US Peace Council: 
“Coalescing and uniting the peace and justice forces in the Caribbean could not come at a more propitious moment. US President Donald Trump’s brazen speech to the UN General Assembly sharply and directly attacked the UN Charter and International Law. Trump threatened to start a nuclear war. He threatened to invade sovereign countries. All while standing in the world’s premier organization established nearly ¾ century ago to maintain peace and addressing the world audience.”

Full presentation: UCPC Presentation to Caribbean Conference 

From the Full Declaration from the Conference

Hope McNish, Jamaican Peace Council

“The Conference notes with alarm the extra-ordinarily intense and violent current hurricane season which has resulted in billions of dollars in infrastructural damage, destroyed entire islands, crippling their economies and has resulted in scores of deaths. It has not escaped notice that these natural events that have been exacerbated by the effects of human activity,
have occurred following denials by the leadership of the USA — the world’s most eco-unfriendly nation — of the need for any global agreements to combat global warming. From that perspective, the failure to build global consensus around climate change and the necessary responses represents a tremendous threat to Peace in the Caribbean region and militates against the stability and the proper functioning of Caribbean institutions and societies in general.”

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