New Haven Board of Alders Unanimously Passes Resolution: Cut Military Budget, Fund Human Needs

The New Haven, Connecticut, Board of Alders heard from city Department heads how they could fulfill their missions if money now going to war making were available.

The city could meet “unmet social-service needs. We would truly end homelessness and expand the re-entry programs. Rebuild the senior’s program and finish the youth center! There would be quality health care and drug rehab on demand. Food Justice for all!”

Moreover, “We would have plenty of jobs and affordable housing. And a high-performing school system with well-paid nurses! New sidewalks and bike lanes on every street! Buses that run on time and an international airport. Low property taxes! No potholes! A ballet and circus! We would have well–groomed parks and a skating rink with ice!

“The ‘peace dividend’ would enable the city to settle outstanding labor contracts and fully fund the pension system. We could afford a police department that enforced traffic laws, a fire department with brand-new trucks, and plenty of overtime to go around!”

The resolution passed unanimously in February. Read the resolution:

Resolution 2017 PASSED BY ALDERS Calling for Hearing on Funding Human Services in New Haven

Work to generate the discussion on cutting the military budget and to pass a similar resolution in your city!

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