New Haven Voters Pass Referendum Against Military Spending!

“New Haven demonstrated again why the General Assembly of the United Nations named New Haven

a Peace Messenger City in 1985, one of 56 cities worldwide, casting 23,398 votes for the Referendum on the November ballot calling on Congress to “ reduce military spending; transfer funds to convert to civilian prod

ucts; create jobs to rebuild our infrastructure; meet pressing human needs”, declared Alfred L Marder, Chairman

of the City of New Haven Peace Commission, who serves as the International President of the 25 year-old International Association of Peace Messengers Cities.

“Similar referenda were on the ballots in a number of cities with similar results. This is certainly a mandate for our Congressional representatives. If we live in a representative democracy, it is beholden to our elected representatives to heed the demands of their constituents. The over trillion dollars on wars and killing machines, while 26 million are unemployed, cities going bankrupt, homes in foreclosure, students in heavy debt, 46 million on food stamps, a thousand foreign bases, is a bankrupt, immoral policy that must be changed,”, added Marder. “We must hold our elected representatives responsible.” The Peace Commission, recognizing that to avoid any dysfunction in the economy by reducing military spending, is also demanding the establishment of Conversion Commissions, on both State and Federal levels, to present practical legislation that will plan and

assist in the conversion of military to civilian production. “No worker should be unemployed because of conversion”, stated Marder.

The referendum was supported by the City of New Haven Peace Commission, the Greater New Haven Peace Council and Promoting Enduring Peace.


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