NO WARS, NO WARMING! Join the People’s Climate March! New York, Sunday Sept 21

(View and download the People’s Climate March Flyer)

We are at a crossroads, faced with a climate crisis that threatens to end our world as we know it.

The signs of climate change are all around us — increasingly severe weather everywhere (floods, heat waves, droughts, cyclones and wildfires), as well as melting polar ice and glaciers, rising acidic oceans, and thawing of the Siberian permafrost, which threatens release of huge, devastating, methane gas.

If corporations pursue business as usual we face global food shortages caused by drought, increasing disease and deaths, and human displacement from vast areas of flooded and uninhabitable terrain. Our historic responsibility is to stop greenhouse gas emissions, counteract the effects, and prevent increases in global warming.

The developing climate emergency does not exist in isolation. Let us understand and confront the social and economic conditions that produce and accompany it: war and unlimited military expenditures; job-stealing, environment-killing trade agreements; and the accelerating social inequality based on racism and super exploitation.

The current wars and military buildup, largely ensure corporate control of fossil-fuel energy resources. ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP, Shell and other oil giants demand that our governments and NATO send our youth in uniform to violently grab oil resources. The existing model of corporate globalization, endless growth and inequality depends on these wars.

Wars themselves destroy the environment and burn and pour massive amounts of greenhouse gases and toxic chemicals into the air. Recent military mobilizations are no exception.

The US military is the single greatest institutional producer of greenhouse gases on the planet.

• The trillions of dollars now consumed by military machines are the very resources needed for a crash program to rapidly create a renewable energy infrastructure and put millions of people to work in green jobs.

Nuclear weapons, like climate change, threaten to destroy the world. Nine nuclear-armed nations menace us with an estimated 16,400 nuclear weapons. Any one of the current conflicts may escalate to nuclear war and its unthinkable human and environmental impact. Nuclear power is not a green, alternative energy. It produces massive radioactive nuclear wastes, risks catastrophic accidents, and contributes to the global proliferation of nuclear weapons.

We cannot effectively address climate change without ending war and militarism; we cannot end war without simultaneously ending the present fossil-fuel energy system.

Today, under the influence of fossil-fuel corporations, the U.S. government is impeding global reductions of greenhouse gases. We call on our government to:

• Undertake an emergency program to make all our cities energy efficient and to create a new energy grid based on renewable energy sources.

  • Immediately end federal subsidies to all fossil-fuel industries.
  • Stop building new fossil-fuel infrastructure, including the Keystone pipeline project, rapidly end fracking projects and awarding new offshore drilling contracts and stop exporting coal. Convert existing jobs to fossil-free jobs.

Implement a financial-transaction tax to fund the new solar, wind, hydro, and efficiency programs we need globally.

Abide by U.S. commitments required by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty to join all other nuclear-weapons powers to quickly and mutually abolish all nuclear weapons.

Convert Pentagon spending to the creation of millions of green jobs, retaining or retraining current employees. Research and develop a rapid but just transition from fossil fuels to non-polluting energy sources.

• Right now bring our all troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq, reject military attacks in Iraq, Syria and Iran, stop fishing for war in Ukraine and use the billions saved to invest in energy efficient mass transit and other public infrastructure, schools, affordable housing and sustainable union-standard jobs.

JOIN US SEPT 21 – click on for information on the march, transportation, housing, etc.

View and download the People’s Climate March Flyer here: People’s Climate March 2014 Flyer

Flier produced for Greater New Haven Peace Council


Distributed Sept 7 & 14, 2014



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