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Petition to President Barack Obama and Congress to end the Korean War and Normalize Relations

1. War tensions on the Korean Peninsula have recently escalated over joint United States – South Korea naval maneuvers off the coast of North Korea and China. These “war games” resulted in an exchange of artillery initiated by South Korea to which the North responded leading to known deaths and injuries. A peace treaty ending the Korean War of the 1950’s has never been signed between the U.S. and North Korea. These dangerous events are related to the U.S. military stationing over 28,500 troops in bases on South Korean soil, U.S. control over the South Korean military, the U.S. placing of nuclear-armed ships in the region, nuclear threats against the North and North Korea’s development and testing of nuclear weapons.

2. This escalation could lead to a potential catastrophic war, even nuclear war, embroiling the U.S., China, Japan and other nations leading to untold devastation and death.

3. North Korea has consistently called for a negotiated peace agreement, an end to U.S. military threats and normalization of relations. The North has offered to dismantle its nuclear weapons. The U.S. has refused to directly discuss peace, but insists on regime change.

4. We call on U.S. government to stop its repeated “war games” threatening North Korea, to stop demonizing but rather recognize North Korea as a sovereign nation, to engage the North Korean government in meaningful direct talks to end the Korean War, to sign a peace treaty, to remove all U.S. military bases and troops from South Korea, to negotiate with North Korea to dismantle its nuclear weapons as part of global nuclear abolition, and to normalize diplomatic and trade relations between the two nations.


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