Stop Trump’s Speeding to More War; Fliers

Over one hundred eighty of these well-received fliers were passed out on Aug. 26 in front of City Hall, New Haven, CT. They urge people to call their Congressional representatives to stop Trump’s military surge on Afghanistan and prevent aggression against North Korea.

Although as of August 2017 our government has spent $1.8 Trillion, the total cost of US-initiated wars since 2001 will eventually exceed $12.7 Trillion, yes trillion. That’s about $120,000 per family. A recent report from the Watson Institute at Brown University details the costs, but even the author is hesitant to include in the total, conservatively $12.7 trillion, the interest that she calculates we’ll ultimately have to pay for these wars.

As is the new normal, instead of increasing taxes or selling bonds to fund the wars, both of which we will quickly notice because it comes out of our paychecks, the government is charging them to our and our kids’ futures. So almost nobody pays attention to the ongoing 8 wars. And on they go until WE stop them.

2017.8 Afghan Surge flier.pdf; Flyer Afghanistan NoWar.pdf

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