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USPC Workshop at the Global Climate Convergence, New York, Sept 21

Was the war Bush started on Iraq a mistake? Was Obama’s bombing of Libya a mistake?

Both led to control of oil by outsiders along with chaos, vast death and destruction and ongoing, terrifying violence. And outfits like ISIS.

What about the wars on Afghanistan – mistakes?

The drone attacks on Pakistan, Yemen – more mistakes? More chaos, death and destruction. The U.S. engineered outfits like Al Qaida.

The war on Vietnam half a century ago? A mistake? The overthrow of Iran’s democratic government in 1953? The assassination of Congo’s first democratically elected President in 1960? Mistakes?

When you see a pattern of wars, government overthrows, assassinations; when you see a pattern of powerful institutions grabbing the minerals, oil, gas and farmland of other nations; when cooking the climate is constantly promoted by the powerful fossil-fuel lobby, the only rational conclusion is that together these are not mistakes. They are not just the militarists selling arms, or the oil companies stealing oil to burn into the atmosphere.

What about the policies of the giant banks that force governments to firesale public like utilities and parks, cutback public services such as health and education, force sales of locally owned industries to transnationals. These are policies that drive families and whole communities into joblessness and poverty. It’s clear: they are not mistakes.

So what causes these imperial policies that impel the military, industries and financial institutions to hound us, that transfer vast wealth to the billionaires? What drives wars and theft of resources? If it’s not only the military industrial complex, not only the oil companies, not just the giant banks. Is it just greed? Or is it bigger than all that?

What is the toxic concoction that underlies wars and unsustainability? How do we use our understanding to change direction?


Peace Table Workshops at the Global Climate Convergence. – US Peace Council with Henry Lowendorf, Dr. Bahman Azad, James Patrick Jordan, Banbose Shango

10.45-12:15, Rm. Concourse C07, St. Johns

U. Manhattan, 51 (101) Astor Pl. 12-story office building occupies the block between Third and Fourth Avenues in the East Village.

Workshop provides examples of imperialism in the Middle East, Latin America and Africa & the root causes.

View and download the workshop flyer here: Imperial Roots of Global Warming – US Peace Council workshop flyer

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