Urgent! Allow René González of Cuban 5 to Visit Cancer-Stricken Brother

Roberto González, René’s brother, is gravely ill. Tell President Obama: Let René visit Roberto!

Roberto González, René’s only sibling and an important member of the Cuban Five’s legal team, is gravely ill with cancer in a Havana hospital. As Cuban Five supporters know, although René has served his unjust sentence of more than 13 years in U.S. prison, as a punitive measure he is being forced to serve probation in the United States. As a result he is unable to be with his brother at this critical time, unless he receives special permission to do so.

His attorney Phil Horowitz has filed an emergency court petition requesting permission for René to return to Cuba for only two weeks to visit his brother in the hospital. The petition states, “Over the past nearly five months since his release from incarceration, the defendant has faithfully complied with each and every condition of his supervised release.” Horowitz tells the National Committee, “The motion that is being filed is not unusual; it is common for a defendant to seek court permission on an emergency basis, to travel internationally for health concerns of a family member.”

René, as well as the other four, should be allowed to return to Cuba immediately and permanently. However, in this emergency we ask you to contact President Obama and urge him to immediately allow René to return to Cuba for two weeks as a humanitarian gesture.

Please click here to send an email to Obama. You can also call the White House at 202-456-1111 to make the same request. Please act now!

National Committee to Free the Cuban Five

Photo: Roberto González (National Committee to Free the Cuban Five)


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