WARNING: A US-Sponsored Fascist Coup in Venezuela!

James Jordan, of the Alliance for Global Justice, warns that we need to direct our energies toward blocking a US-sponsored fascist coup in Venezuela. James leads AFGJ’s Colombia Watch program, and is a longtime activist and organizer for peace and justice. The excerpts below are James’ comments from an informal communication.

…If anything worries even more than the connections of the Venezuelan right wing with the US, they are the connections they have with [former Colombian president] Álvaro Uribe. (Recognizing that it’s pretty impossible to separate Uribe from his US patronage.) We should remember that at least one coup by Colombian paramilitaries was already thwarted a few years back, and that Uribe was actually trying to provoke a war between Venezuela and Colombia while he was president. Meanwhile, Uribe continues to maintain close ties with the Venezuelan right, giving them support in a variety of ways. We have to understand clearly that those who would come to power in a coup in Venezuela will indeed be the fascist friends of Uribe. The negative consequences in the region–and the world–cannot be overstated.

I do not have a lot of internet access right now, and I haven’t been able to read all the conversations going on. But scanning over the various posts, I hope I am mistaken in my sense that much of the discussion is so focused on analyzing and parsing the internal situation in a very lopsided proportion to strategizing and talking about how we can organize to show our unequivocal opposition to US interference in Venezuela, and our support for honoring and recognizing the legitimate and democratically elected government. We can all analyze and parse (as interested outsiders) the inner workings of Venezuela in more relaxed times. Right now our energies need to be 100% directed toward exposing and opposing US interference in Venezuela. Everything else at this time is not only a diversion and a distraction, it is frankly counter-revolutionary. Our only question right now is what is to be done?

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January 19, 2014


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