World Peace Council Solidarity Conference Takes Place in Dominican Republic in April

| By Tom Whitney |

The U.S. Peace Council is alerting U.S. anti-imperialist activists to think about attending the Sixth Continental Conference for Peace which is taking place in Moca, Dominican Republic on April 11-13, 2013. The U.S. Peace Council, based in New Haven, Connecticut, is an affiliate of the World Peace Council which is organizing the conference.

In a communication dated March 12, U. S. Peace Council President Alfred Marder said the purpose of the conference is involve peace groups of the entire hemisphere in “unity and solidarity with the progressive people’s movements and governments” of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Marder indicated that the Dominican Union of Journalists for Peace would be hosting the event. That group’s president Juan Pablo Acosta García issued invitations in conjunction with Silvio Platero Irola, president of the Cuban Movement for Peace. They are, respectively, vice president and regional coordinator of the World Peace Council. Mr. Acosta Garcia has made it known that his organization will pay for accommodations, domestic transportation, and meals for one delegate of any solidarity organization represented at the conference.

Alfred Marder emphasizes that now is a most opportune time, especially for North Americans, to build solidarity with progressive movements in Latin America and the Caribbean. People’s movements there have gained considerable success recently. Not only have they propelled anti-privatization and land reform campaigns and opposed unjust U.S. – backed trade policies, but they’ve also put governments in power that are protecting national sovereignty and responding to social needs of their populations.

Threats, however, remain. Progressive governments in Paraguay and Honduras succumbed to right wing coups recently. The U. S. Army’s Southern Command is active throughout Latin America, the U.S. Fourth Fleet is deployed in the region, U.S. military bases and training installations proliferate, the U.S. economic blockade of Cuba remains intact, and Plan Colombia continues.

According to Juan Pablo Acosta García, the deadline for applying to attend the Conference is March 30. He advises prospective attendees to contact him at either or In addition, inquiries may be directed to Alfred Marder at or to



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