Greater New Haven Peace Council

Greenwich, CT, Peace Forum, April 14, 2018

Greater New Haven Peace Council co-Chair Henry Lowendorf was an invited speaker at the Greenwich, CT, Peace Forum on April 14. The video of this forum may be found here. You can watch the full 4 hours or scroll to Henry's presentation, which starts at 3 hours, 39 minutes and 30 seconds. Other speakers include Medea Benjamin, CodePink; Maurice Carney, Friends of Congo; Ellen Davidson, Veterans for Peace; Joe Lombardo, UNAC; Alice Slater, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. Greenwich is home to o

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National Day of Action – April 15, 2018, Tax Day: Connecticut to New York

National Day of Action - April 15, 2018, Tax Day: Connecticut to New York

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Greater New Haven Peace Council @Women’s March

Greater New Haven Peace Council @Women's March

Hartford, CT, 2018.01.20 Savvy peace crane donned hat and joined.  And a CT Peace & Solidarity Coalition table.

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First Caribbean Peace Conference

First Caribbean Peace Conference

Resisting the Nuclear and Environmental Disaster; Building Peace in the Caribbean Bridgetown, Barbados, National Union of Public Workers 2017 October 5-6 From the Presentation by the US Peace Council:  "Coalescing and uniting the peace and justice forces in the Caribbean could not come at a more propitious moment. US President Donald Trump’s brazen speech to the UN General Assembly sharply and directly attacked the UN Charter and International Law. Trump threatened to start a nuclear w

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Defusing Another Korean War

Defusing Another Korean War

Download flier here.

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Stop Trump’s Speeding to More War; Fliers

Over one hundred eighty of these well-received fliers were passed out on Aug. 26 in front of City Hall, New Haven, CT. They urge people to call their Congressional representatives to stop Trump's military surge on Afghanistan and prevent aggression against North Korea. Although as of August 2017 our government has spent $1.8 Trillion, the total cost of US-initiated wars since 2001 will eventually exceed $12.7 Trillion, yes trillion. That's about $120,000 per family. A recent report f

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Reference List Opposing 2017.4.6 US Bombing of Syria

Click on the link below to obtain a list of references - organizational statements, analysis, petitions and legislation opposing the US bombing of and war  on Syria. 2017.4 SyriaAttack references.pages

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New Haven Board of Alders Unanimously Passes Resolution: Cut Military Budget, Fund Human Needs

The New Haven, Connecticut, Board of Alders heard from city Department heads how they could fulfill their missions if money now going to war making were available. The city could meet "unmet social-service needs. We would truly end homelessness and expand the re-entry programs. Rebuild the senior's program and finish the youth center! There would be quality health care and drug rehab on demand. Food Justice for all!" Moreover, "We would have plenty of jobs and affordable housing. And a hi

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