Statement of the WPC about the recent developments in Afghanistan

The World Peace Council expresses its deep concern about the recent developments in Afghanistan. Twenty years after the US and NATO imperialist aggression and invasion of Afghanistan, the suffering of its people... Read more »

Statement of the World Peace Council on the Recent Protest Events in Cuba

The World Peace Council (WPC) expresses its serious concern about the recent well-orchestrated and paid imperialist plan to create chaos and disorder in Cuba, using as a pretext the severe shortages of... Read more »

Statement of the WPC Delegation to Venezuela on the Occasion of Serving as International Observers for Venezuelan Parliamentary Elections     

 December 6, 2020 Upon the invitation of the National Elections Council of Venezuela (CNE), a World Peace Council (WPC) delegation visited the country and attended as international observer for the December 6,... Read more »

On the 75th Anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Martyrdom We Shall Strengthen the Struggle Against Nuclear Weapons

Socorro Gomes, President World Peace Council — This August 6 and 9, humanity rememorates one of the greatest tragedies in History, which was even more nefarious because it was caused by human... Read more »

Cyprus Peace Council: We Denounce the US-Cyprus Military Cooperation

The announcement of the US Embassy in Cyprus, which states the intention of the US to offer military education and training to the Republic of Cyprus, represents a huge provocation against the... Read more »

Statement of the World Peace Council about the Protests in the USA

The World Peace Council expresses its categorical and strongest condemnation of the cold-blooded assassination of George Floyd by the police force in Minneapolis, USA. This recent killing of an unarmed civilian by... Read more »

Brazilians Resist from Nightmare to Nightmare

Socorro Gomes President of the World Peace Council In Brazil people live as in a trance, from one nightmare to the other —sometimes, all at once. The extreme-right group governing the country... Read more »

WPC Statement of Condemnation of the Decision of USA Against Venezuela

The World Peace Council condemns strongly the decision of the US Attorney General, on behalf of the US administration, to announce criminal charges against the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela... Read more »