Time to Build a Movement to Cut Runaway Military Spending

U.S. Peace Council — August 3, 2020: For many decades, the US antiwar movement has been calling on Congress to cut the Pentagon budget, now officially at $740 billion. These demands were... Read more »

Cyprus Peace Council: We Denounce the US-Cyprus Military Cooperation

The announcement of the US Embassy in Cyprus, which states the intention of the US to offer military education and training to the Republic of Cyprus, represents a huge provocation against the... Read more »

All the Lies Trump told the West Point Graduates about American Militarism

| Juan Cole | It was bad enough that Trump endangered the health of the graduating class at West Point -- for the purposes of a photo op for his reelection campaign....... Read more »

Statement of the World Peace Council about the Protests in the USA

The World Peace Council expresses its categorical and strongest condemnation of the cold-blooded assassination of George Floyd by the police force in Minneapolis, USA. This recent killing of an unarmed civilian by... Read more »

Brazilians Resist from Nightmare to Nightmare

Socorro Gomes President of the World Peace Council In Brazil people live as in a trance, from one nightmare to the other —sometimes, all at once. The extreme-right group governing the country... Read more »

Imperialism and the Peace Movement — Interview with Bahman Azad

One of the series of interviews with the members of the UNAC administrative committee. This is a interview with Bahman Azad on "Imperialism and the Peace Movement." Read more »

U.S Military Threat Against Iranian Tankers: An Act of International Piracy That Can Escalate into a War

Executive Committee of the U.S. Peace Council May 23, 2020 Iran’s daring decision to dispatch five oil tankers carrying the much-needed fuel for the struggling people of Venezuela is a definitive challenge... Read more »

Mercenary Operations Against Venezuela: The Evolution of A Failed Military Threat

Venezuela has recently been subject of a number of attempts of mercenary penetration in the country. Read more »