Statement by the “Yes to Peace!; No to NATO!” Campaign of Portugal

As is publicly known, the Campaign in defence of peace and against the NATO Summit in Portugal — the «Peace, yes!; NATO, No!» Campaign — has convened, is promoting... Read more »

Venezuela Forum with Steve Ellner

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Peace Council Leader Slams FBI Raids

Mr. Holder: I am writing to you in my capacity as President of the Baltimore-Washington Area Peace Council, a chapter of the U.S. Peace Council. I am also the elected President... Read more »

Report of AKEL TAQZ , Regional Coordinator of the Middle East, to the Regional Meeting of WPC (Cairo, September 26, 2010)

I would like on behalf of you all and especially the Palestinian Committee for Peace and Solidarity (PCPS)... Read more »

Hiroshima Day Vigil

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Bicycle Ride Against Nuclear Weapons

Photo of the August 8, 2010 bicycle ride, starting at New... Read more »