QPC Letter to 6 Members of Congress from Queens, NY

Dear Member of Congress from Queens, The Administration is proposing and the U.S. Congress is considering another “Authorization of Use of Military Force” (AUMF) — a broad approval for more war. This... Read more »

QPC Letter to Members of Congress: No More Endless War in Iraq

Dear Member of Congress from Queens, The Defense Authorization Bill is up for renewal in a few days. It will have provision for the funding of the new war in Iraq and... Read more »

Summit of the Americas Displays Latin American and Caribbean Unity

Western Hemisphere political leaders 18 years ago began gathering off and on for Summits of the Americas, a project of the U.S. – dominated Organization of American States. The sixth Summit, hosted... Read more »

War in Libya: Teaching a Lesson

By W. T. Whitney Jr. Critics of NATO’s war against Libya list civilian casualties, oil greed, uncertain rebel leadership, and persecution of resident sub-Saharan Africans among their objections. At first blush, the... Read more »