World Peace Council Denounces the Plans for Destabilization of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

The World Peace Council denounces the ongoing plans and actions to destabilize the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela by reactionary forces and groups with the support of imperialist forces. The recent... Read more »

Agrarian Strike in Colombia Triggers Military Repression, Political Explosion

By W. T. Whitney Jr. | September 2, 2013 |


The current agrarian strike in Colombia follows an earlier one in Catatumbo department where small farmers mobilized for land and... Read more »

Colombian Government Repression of Catatumbo Peasants Has Lessons

By Tom Whitney |

 Open letter – Mr. President [Santos]: I would like to have you tell me to my face that I am a guerrilla. None of us... Read more »

Boston Bombing Sheds Light on Anti-Cuban Terror

By W. T. Whitney Jr. |

May 8, 2013 |

Bombs set off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15 killed three and wounded over 200 people.... Read more »

US Still Leery of Peace with Justice in Colombia

By W. T. Whitney Jr. | May 22, 2013 |

Asked recently by a Mexican interviewer to justify U.S. involvement in Venezuelan affairs, President Barack Obama suggested Venezuela should be... Read more »

Opposition to Venezuelan President Maduro’s Government Has Resources

| By Tom Whitney |

The 1.6 percent margin by which Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) took the presidential elections of April 14,... Read more »

USPC Statement in Support of the People of Venezuela and Their Choice of President

The U.S. Peace Council (USPC), affiliated with the World Peace Council, condemns violence and murder at the hands of vanquished opponents of recently elected Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Defeated... Read more »

World Peace Council Solidarity Conference Takes Place in Dominican Republic in April

| By Tom Whitney |

The U.S. Peace Council is alerting U.S. anti-imperialist activists to think about attending the Sixth Continental Conference for Peace which is... Read more »