Latin America Delivers A Swift Kick — U.S. Fails to Dominate Summit of the Americas

By Conn Hallinan, from Dispatches From The Edge.  On one level, April’s hemispheric summit meeting was an old fashioned butt kicking for Washington’s policies in the region. The White House found itself virtually... Read more »

Iran’s Green Movement Calls for Nuclear-Free Zone in Middle East

Statement of the Coordinating Council of the Green Path of Hope In the Name of God The Green Movement of the People of Iran is a peaceful and civil movement that struggles for the realization... Read more »

Summit of the Americas Displays Latin American and Caribbean Unity

Western Hemisphere political leaders 18 years ago began gathering off and on for Summits of the Americas, a project of the U.S. – dominated Organization of American States. The sixth Summit, hosted... Read more »

Worldwide Pressure Brings Hope for Teacher in Iran

A campaign to save the life of an Iranian teacher, Abdolreza Ghanbari,  initiated by the Committee for the Defence of Iranian People’s Rights (CODIR) has brought international pressure to bear upon the... Read more »

Urgent! Gangjeong Villagers Ask for Emergency Action to Stop Blasting of Jeju Island Today!

“Starting today, Gangjeong is in an emergency situation.” The people of Gangjeong Village on South Korea’s Jeju Island have been fighting for five years to prevent construction of a naval base on... Read more »

World Peace Council Condemns Israeli Army Attack on Hebron Demonstrators

The World Peace Council expresses its vehement protest and condemnation of the recent violent attack of the Israeli occupation army in the Palestinian City of Hebron. The brutal attack with chemical gas... Read more »

Transcending the Border to End Militarization

Ten SOA Watch delegates just returned from a week long visit to the border between El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, from February 12-19, organized in conjunction with Project Puente. Delegates visited with... Read more »

Imperialism, Despotism, and Democracy in Syria

The stark choice between a fascist or an imperialist course in Syria should be discarded for a third and better course. By Joseph Massad 2012 February 6 10:28:22 In the context... Read more »