Thousands Converge at the gates of Fort Benning for 20th Anniversary of November Vigil to Close the SOA

Nonviolent civil disobedience action followed by indiscriminate arrests and targeting of journalists. Among those arrested by Columbus police were three journalists, including unrelated bystanders.

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Report on Congressional Delegation From the Committee to Stop FBI Repression

A delegation from the Committee to Stop FBI Repression (CSFR) returned home from several days of bringing... Read more »

Miami: USAID Contractor Sponsors Tribute to Terrorist Orlando Bosch

— Jean-Guy Allard, Granma... Read more »

Nobel’s Pro-Military Agenda and the Future World Order

Global Network — In its most recent selections of peace laureates Barack Obama and Liu Xiaobo, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee has been pushing the strategic agenda of... Read more »

Statement by the “Yes to Peace!; No to NATO!” Campaign of Portugal

As is publicly known, the Campaign in defence of peace and against the NATO Summit in Portugal — the «Peace, yes!; NATO, No!» Campaign — has convened, is... Read more »