Statement of the World Peace Council in Solidarity with the Egyptian People

The WPC salutes the masses of Egyptian people who are bravely demonstrating since ten days in the Cairo Tahrir Square and other important cities of Egypt, for their right to determine their fortunes in a free, democratic country against any kind of oppression and decide upon the regime of their country based on the interests of the working people and the poor. We strongly condemn the recent acts of armed attacks against the peaceful demonstrators in the Tahrir square, with hundreds of injured and call for an immediate halt of the provocations by police or armed gangs of supporters of the old regime.

The WPC denounces the efforts of the USA, the EU and others who supported all the years the Egyptian governments, who are trying now to install a new willing and friendly to their interests’ government.

The uprising of the Egyptian people is a fact and important “investment” for the future struggles of the Egyptian people. It proves that history is being written by the masses which can impose their will, even against powerful regimes and its international support.

We express our solidarity to the peace loving people of Egypt and the Egyptian Peace Committee and call upon all members and friends of the WPC to extend messages of support and solidarity to our partners in Egypt.

The Secretariat of WPC  3rd February 2011


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