USPC Greets the Veterans for Peace 27th Annual Convention with Message of Solidarity

August 6, 2012

To President Leah Bolger:

The members of the US Peace Council send their warmest greetings of solidarity to our
Comrades and friends of  Veterans for Peace.

You exemplify the finest of service to our country, realizing that contributing to the good and
welfare of our people, to peace at home and abroad, requires commitment far beyond the
mere call to duty. You have rejected the simplistic and narrowness of jingoistic patriotism, of
imperialist design, and dedicated your organization and yourselves to the difficult goal of
peace among nations and peoples.

Like you, the US Peace Council is committed to the right of all to determine their own destiny,
to fashion their own sovereignty. Like you we consider ourselves citizens of one global family,
determined to struggle together in peace, overcoming differences through negotiations and
assisting the less developed. Like you we feel a deep responsibility to our people and nation
as one among many.

We look forward to the results of your deliberations, fully confident that they will lead to
concrete contributions for joint campaigns of actions: to reduce the military budget for
human needs, for a Middle East Free Zone of Nuclear Weapons and Weapons of Mass
Destruction, for cessation of interference in the Syrian crisis; for the elimination of the
imperialist military bloc, NATO, among other issues.

Please accept our hands in solidarity.

Yours in peace,

Alfred. Marder
President, US Peace Council

Company M, 14th Infantry Regiment, 71st Division
Bronze Star



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