World Peace Council Resolution on Trial of International Crimes of 1971 in Bangladesh

The Assembly of the WPC, meeting in Kathmandu, Nepal, expresses its support to the trial of the war criminals of the Bangladesh Liberation war of 1971. It ardently desires to see the rapid conclusion of the trial and punishment of the perpetrators of genocide, murder, arson, rape, plunder, forced religious conversions, and other international crimes against humanity, which took place during the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971. The trial of the perpetrators of these criminal activities is proceeding now in Bangladesh in the International Crimes Tribunal, which has been constituted in full accordance with constitutional and legal processes.

The WPC Assembly strongly condemns the conspiratorial attempts by imperialis, reactionary communal rulers of the Middle East and Pakistan, fundamentalist terrorist forces, etc., to bring about a miscarriage of justice and thwart the due process of law.

The Assembly expresses its solidarity with the people of Bangldesh in their efforts to complete the trial and punish the criminals who had murdered 3 million people and carried on other crimes against the people of their country in 1971.

The WPC Assembly
22 July 2012
Kathmandu, Nepal


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