Appeal from Afghan Veterans Against the War: Support Afghan Peace Volunteers


Afghan Veterans Against the War meets with Afghan Peace Volunteers

Two weeks ago, our Afghanistan Veterans Against the War committee met in Denver at a private strategy retreat. If you are one of the supporters who made a special donation to make this event happen, thank you!

One of the highlights of this meeting was a two-hour Skype exchange with members of Afghan Peace Volunteers (APV). Can you imagine how powerful it was for us war veterans who fought in Afghanistan (or in support of military operations there) to be in a virtual face-to-face exchange with Afghan civilians who’ve been living through the war?

We are both working for the same cause now – ending the NATO military occupation of Afghanistan.

How Afghan Peace Volunteers said we can help their country

APV feel strongly that we must work to remove all military forces from Afghanistan. They are a proud people and want to work on fixing their country’s problems themselves. They urged us to do the same here in the United States. In the future, they would welcome us to return to Afghanistan in peace as volunteers to help them rebuild their country.

In the meantime, they’ve asked us to help spread the word about their 2 Million Friends campaign.

2 million Afghans have already died in the past four decades of war in Afghanistan. Afghan Peace Volunteers are asking us to help them find 2 million friends to join them in a call for peace in Afghanistan. The project calls on ordinary people of all countries to join in friendship with Afghan citizens who are tired of corruption, hatred, and war.

To become a Friend – sign up at
You also can sign their petition to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calling for a ceasefire in Afghanistan.
Like the 2 Million Friends campaign on Facebook.
Thank you for supporting our work and the work of Afghan Peace Volunteers.

In Solidarity,

Afghanistan Veterans Against the War Committee of Iraq Veterans Against the War



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