Iran’s Green Movement Calls for Nuclear-Free Zone in Middle East

Statement of the Coordinating Council of the Green Path of Hope

In the Name of God

The Green Movement of the People of Iran is a peaceful and civil movement that struggles for the realization of the Iranian people’s historical demands for freedom, justice, independence, development, peace and morality. As the detained leaders of the Green Movement, Mr. Mousavi and Mr. Karroubi, have emphasized in the Charter of the Green Movement, this movement calls for the elimination of tensions in international relations, a rational and honorable foreign policy for Iran based on constructive cooperation with the international community, rejection of adventurist diplomacy, and promotion of global respect for this great, historical nation.

The Coordinating Council of the Green Path of Hope, while expressing its deep concern about the increasing international tensions over Iran’s nuclear program, stresses that any form, or threat, of military attack on Iran constitues a grave danger to international peace and security. It can only intensify the pressures on the people of Iran and their freedom movement.

The Coordinating Council of the Green Path of Hope believes that international disputes must be settled by peaceful means, based on respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty of all nations, refraining from the use of force in international relations, non-interference in the internal affairs of countries, and a fair and balanced implementation of international law.

Given that the use of nuclear weapons is contrary to the principles of human rights and international humanitarian law, against the environment, and that their proliferation is in violation of international law, declaring the Middle East a Nuclear-Free Zone, removing all nuclear weapons from the region, and a comprehensive and fair implementation of the international non-nuclear proliferation treaties can play a determining role in reducing tensions in the Middle East and strengthening cooperation, peace and security around the world.

Ardeshir Amirarjomand, Spokesperson
The Coordinating Council of the Green Path of Hope
April 11, 2012 (Farvardin 23, 1391)


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