Statement of the Cuban Movement for Peace and Sovereignty of the Peoples

The Cuban Movement for Peace and Sovereignty of the Peoples strongly condemns the coup d’Etat perpetrated in Bolivia by ultra-rightist sectors that refused to accept the outcome of the elections on October 20, 2019 in which Evo Morales Ayma was reelected president of the Multinational State.

The renounce of president Morales, as well as of his vice-president, Álvaro García Linera, of Senate president Adriana Salvatierra, and of other authorities – aimed at curbing the attack of fascist-like groups that did not hesitate to drench in blood the citizens of the brother Andean nation in order to fulfill their purposes – is in fact a direct consequence of said attack in which high-ranking military and national police officers are also involved.

What happened in the most recent hours also confirms the contempt of the elites for the autochthonous peoples of our continent and for all those who do not submit to Wall Street’s plans, nourished by the empire throughout the years.

From the moment that Evo Morales assumed the highest political responsibility in Bolivia in 2006 (thus becoming the first indigenous president of his country and only second to the unforgettable Mexican Benito Juárez in Latin America), the results attained by that country are impressive in multiple fields. It would suffice to mention that, from having the poorest economic situation in the continent, it achieved the highest growth rate in recent years, as recognized by the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and other organizations.

The constitution approved under his mandate and the creation of the Multinational State in 2009 that granted their rights to the historically ignored 36 autochthonous peoples are also evidences of the profound qualitative transformation that took place in the country. What’s more, in these 13 years of the so-called Process of Change, the country advanced in dissimilar fields at a speedier and more extensive rhythm than it ever knew in the entire period since Bolivia was proclaimed a republic in 1825. The facts and tangible achievements are there to corroborate it.

In these difficult hours we ratify our invariable solidarity with comrade Evo Morales while at the same time we call for the dialogue as sole possible mechanism in order to preserve peace and the integrity of the human beings.

Nothing or no one will succeed in stopping the people’s march. Even less will they succeed in making us give up the conquests gained with sweat and blood in fights throughout decades. We are encouraged by the certainty that, no matter how complicated the future scenarios may be, the Bolivian people will win.

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