U.S. Peace Council Statement: NO WAR WITH IRAN! US OUT OF IRAQ!

Friday January 3, 2020

On January 2, 2020, the Trump Administration recklessly escalated its war on Iran by the drone assassination of Iran’s top general, Qassem Soleimani, Commander of Iran Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force. The assassination, ordered directly by President Trump, is a lawless action against an official of a sovereign state — Iran — with which the US is not officially at war. It occurred on the territory of yet another sovereign state — Iraq — with which the US is not officially at war.

This reckless act is bound to lead to Iranian retaliation and possibly to an all-out war in the region. It is clear that we are no longer on the “brink of war with Iran,” but the war has actually begun.

The decision by Donald Trump and the Pentagon to launch new air assaults on the Iraqi territory in the past week has ignited nationwide resistance by Iraqis who demand to reclaim their full sovereignty and refuse to allow Iraq to be used as a U.S. base in a U.S. war on Iran.

The Trump Administration’s path to all-out war with Iran didn’t start on December 27, 2019, when a US “contractor” (mercenary) was killed. Rather, it started in January 2017 with Trump’s inauguration: First, he selected as top foreign policy advisers such war mongers as John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, who called for war on Iran. Then he pulled out of the Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPOA) and embarked on the “maximum pressure” campaign, imposing illegal, severe economic sanctions on Iran and forcing US allies to join in. Since then, he has launched cyberattacks on Iranian facilities and has worked to isolate Iran diplomatically. His public comments have been bullying and contemptuous of a sovereign nation.

The Trump Administration is now further escalating the war by sending thousands more troops to the Middle East, in the name of “preparing against retaliation” by Iran. He has already ordered 750 more US troops to the Middle East and potentially 3,000 more. This is in addition to the 5,200 already in Iraq that push the US agenda against Iran, Syria and Yemen. Many more troops will be needed if the US expands the war.

But the current US policy toward Iran is part of a bigger and longer picture. It is part of the 1953 overthrow of the democratically elected Iranian government, the insertion of a dictator Shah for 26 years. After the Shah was deposed in 1979, the US supported the Saddam Hussein’s 8-year military aggression against Iran as part of US-engineered takeovers of independent countries in the Middle East — through wars on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan.

Every US president over the last 30 years has ordered the bombing of Iraq. More than a million Iraqis have died during the past three decades years as a consequence of U.S. occupation, bombings, and sanctions. Tens of thousands of US troops have either been killed or suffered life-changing injuries. The US government has spent more than $3 trillion of our tax dollars in the on-going occupation and bombing of this oil-rich country.

Trump Administration’s policy against Iran has also tightened the US alliance with two of Iran’s mortal enemies, Israel and Saudi Arabia; has ramped up tension in the region, has concentrated military forces in the Persian Gulf; and has armed the Saudi monarchy in its genocidal war on Yemen.

Since Trump took office in 2017, US aggression against the rest of the world has also been put into overdrive. The Trump Administration’s foreign policy — supported by much of Big Business and wrapped in the deceitful cover of “Making America Great Again!” — vastly expands Pentagon spending and profitable US arms exports; bullies allies to buy more US-made weapons and join with US military operations; and threatens wars on any state refusing to bend the knee to Washington. The US has been ripping up any multilateral treaty that imposes even the mildest constraints on its aggressive behavior, while flouting international law and the UN Charter.

Given the fact that the US has invaded and initiated war on more than a dozen countries since the beginning of this century and has imposed coercive sanctions — economic warfare — on dozens, all in violation of international law, we should recognize that today the US is the greatest threat to peace in the world.

On Saturday, January 4th, people from around the United States will be organizing local demonstrations to demand: TROOPS HOME FROM IRAQ! NO WAR ON IRAN!


  1. Show up on Saturday January 4. List of local actions is below
  2. Phone Congress 202-224- 3121. Phone your House member and your US Senator. Take Action to Prevent War with Iran!
  3. Phone the White House: 1-202-456-1414 (Switchboard) 1-202-456-1111 (Comments).Say No war with Iran! The Administration must hear that millions of us are unalterably opposed to an insane war.
  4. Write Letters to the Editor. Express your opposition to war with Iran. Bring all the troops stationed in Iraq home safely, now.
  5. Hold Vigils and organize Ralliesin your area and your cities against war with Iran.
  6. Take photos of yourself holding “No War with Iran!” signs. Post them on Twitter and Instagram. Send them to your House Representative and Senator. Encourage others to do the same.

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