Urgent! Gangjeong Villagers Ask for Emergency Action to Stop Blasting of Jeju Island Today!

“Starting today, Gangjeong is in an emergency situation.” The people of Gangjeong Village on South Korea’s Jeju Island have been fighting for five years to prevent construction of a naval base on their coastline. Their fight is for the protection of corals and other marine life, the island’s natural beauty, peace and security in the  region, and their quality of life. Their resistance has been met with police harassment, unnecessary use of force,  and arrests.

Activists for peace, environmental protection, and human rights from around  the world have joined the campaign to save Jeju Island. The people of Gangjeong are asking all of us to take immediate action to stop blasting of the volcanic coastline and seabed at Gureombi by emailing Governor Woo Keou-Min today. Please read their appeal:

Dear friends,

Starting today, Gangjeong is in an emergency situation. Nearly 700 police have arrived fromthe mainland in Gangjeong village to monitor the blasting of Gureombi, the volcanic rock coastline, and the dredging of the seafloor.Not only will the marine life, including endangered crabs and coral reefs, be swept away, the blast has already impacted the fresh water springs that the majority of the island is dependent upon.

Though our numbers are small in the village, we will do our best to fight to stop the blast of Gureombi. It is still uncertain whether the Seogwipo Police will allow the Navy to blast Gureombi on Monday, when the Governor of Jeju Island is supposed to make his decision.

Please send an email to the Governor NOW asking him to please stop the blast of Gureombi.

Thank you for one minute of your time. We urgently need international solidarity NOW.

In peace and justice,

Gangjeong Village

Mr. Woo Keun-Min
The Government of Jeju-do
312-1, Yeon-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

The US Peace Council sent the following message to Governor Woo:

Dear Governor Woo Keun Min:

The US Peace Council adds its voice to the pleas of the people of Gangjeong village for a halt to the blasting of Gureombi. The people are desperate to save the coastline, seabed, and marine life from the immanent threat of destruction.

Continuing with construction of a naval base on Jeju Island is an assault on:

1) The human and civil rights of the people of Jeju, the vast majority of whom oppose the base, who have endured arrests and abuses to defend their rights and the quality of their lives;

2) The precious life in the marine waters and the beauty of the coastal environment, the uniqueness of which is recognized by the United Nations;

3) Peace and security, as increasing militarization in an already tense region will only increase fear and instability.

Please exercise your power and good judgment to stop construction of the naval base and save Jeju Island.


US Peace Council

Visit Save Jeju Island (www.savejejuisland.org) for more information.


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