World Peace Council Condemns Israeli Army Attack on Hebron Demonstrators

The World Peace Council expresses its vehement protest and condemnation of the recent violent attack of the Israeli occupation army in the Palestinian City of Hebron. The brutal attack with chemical gas and rubber bullets against thousands of demonstrators from Palestine and Israel took place during a protest commemorating the massacre committed by a Jewish extremist settler in 1994, during which 29 Palestinians were killed. The demonstration demanded the re-opening of the Shuhada Street which is leading to Hebron’s Mosque.

The WPC denounces the actions of the Israeli regime and its army and the arrest of six peace loving people, amongst them the chairman of the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality (Hadash) and member of the Knesset Mohammed Barakeh, from the Communist Party of Israel, who was also one of the injured.

The war attitude and repressions of the occupation regime has been going on for decades against the Palestinian people and its lands, along with the attacks against the peace loving forces inside Israel.

We demand the immediate release of all arrested persons from the above protest.

We demand the withdrawal of the occupation forces from Hebron and all other Palestinian territories of the West Bank and the dismantling of the separation wall.

We reiterate our firm support to the inalienable right of the Palestinian people for their independent State within the borders of 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital and its recognition by the UN.

The WPC expresses its solidarity with the peace loving forces in Palestine and Israel, who fight shoulder by shoulder against the occupation and imperialism.

The Secretariat of WPC
March 1, 2012

Photo: MK Barakeh speaking at the Hebron demonstration (Al Ittihad)


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