EMERGENCY! Act Now to Prevent a Trump Attack on Syria! Phone the White House and Congress Now!

April 6, 2017

Yesterday President Trump — who during the campaign expressed a desire for a new, more restrained approach to the war in Syria — publicly accepted the claim that the Syrian government is using chemical weapons against its own people, including children. He declared: “Lines have been crossed.” He threatened to take some sort of action. The photos are horrific. The media has for several days gone into full hysteria mode, repeating unproven allegations, attributing blame, and relying on biased sources. Is this another Gulf of Tonkin?

This is more than a dangerous moment. It is a full-blown war crisis. It is no secret that President Trump is an impulsive and often ill-informed individual. His Administration in its first months has been buffeted by missteps, defeats, and embarrassments. He may think he “needs a win.” We must make sure his Administration does not think an attack on Syria would be “a win.” We have hours, at most a few days to do so.

We have been down this road before. Sophisticated observers have already noted this alleged attack has all the earmarks of a false flag operation. The Syrian government has absolutely no motive for mounting such an attack. (See: Gerry Condon; Patrick Henningsen; and Phyllis Bennis)

As a leader of Veterans for Peace, Gerry Condon, has wisely observed, the sources for the gas attack reports are the rebel forces themselves, their own media, and the “White Helmets” and other Western-funded NGOs who are notorious for creating “regime change” propaganda against the Assad government.  Famed investigative reporter Seymour Hersh has documented that the last large Sarin attack blamed on the Syrian government was carried out by terrorist groups with the support of Turkey and Saudi Arabia.  Hersh also documented that chemical weapons were transported from Libya to U.S.-backed rebel groups in Syria by the CIA and Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

Yet the mainstream media do not mention any of this. They ask no tough questions. They entertain no doubts. They repeat previous lies that have already been debunked. They unashamedly interview sources which have long been cheerleaders for military intervention in Syria.

We can stop an attack. In 2013, an immense surge of phone calls to the White House and Congress stayed the hand of President Obama under similar pressure to “do something.” We successfully prevented Obama from attacking Syria in 2013.

We can do it again. Pick up that phone!

  • Call the White House at 202-456-1414;
  • Call your Congress members House and Senate at 202- 224-3121

Yours in peace,

Alfred L. Marder, President

U.S. Peace Council

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  1. Hello,

    Thank you for everything you have done and are doing for the people of Syria. I’ve watched the video of your report to the U.N. after your return from Syria, and it matches everything that I’ve been told from the people of that region. I’ve been advocating for the Syrians against our government narrative for the past four years. I discovered their story in September 2013 when they posted their pleas for help all over some of our Senators’ pages, in response to U.S. threat of missile strike. I began talking to them and sharing their stories with the Senate. In December 2013, I created the Facebook page “Americans In Support of Stopping Arms to Rebels”, and later I compiled everything I had up until that point into a youtube channel, “Messages From Syria”.

    I think my voice, combined with others including yours, has made a difference, but the progress is small. And people in my life continue to discount the reports I share because they’re skeptical of whether I’m talking to valid Syrians or not. That’s not a question in my mind because it was the Syrians who told us that Al Qaeda was not “on the run” and that they were evolving into a Caliphate and then planning to immigrate to the U.S. So far, everything they’ve told us has been true.

    Christian Orthodox Syrians in the town of Maharda have told me over the past couple of weeks that after our missile strike against their air base, ISIS began attacking their town (and continues to do so). They say that their town is near the base and the setback to their air defense emboldened ISIS in their area. Specifically, they are saying that ISIS is launching rockets at them from a rebel occupied town to their east called Halfaia. They are saying that if their army succeeds and is able to capture Halfaia, their situation will improve. They’ve sent photos and video, Google Earth satellite, as well as photos of the Christians attending church services for “the Great Friday”.

    I would like to go to Syria. I believe my advocacy will have a bigger impact if I’m writing from my experience there, like you are and Representative Gabbard, Senator Kucinich, and State Senator Black. And right now, I think we need all the advocates we can get because the system we are up against has the biggest microphone. I have dedicated my heart and soul to trying to stop our aggression against the people there, and I’m ready to give it even more. I’ve requested the opportunity to go to Syria before with other groups, but I’ve never been accepted. I’ve written requests to join the travels to Representative Gabbard, Senator Kucinich, and State Senator Black, but I haven’t heard back from any of them. I am a school counselor and a screenwriter. I’ve co-written a movie script about Syria, but I don’t have the funding to get it produced and Hollywood has shown us their preference for White Helmets. As a school counselor, I will have the summer off. If any of you plan to take a trip to Syria this summer, please consider allowing me to join you.

    Thank you. Nothing is more important than shining light on this truth. I believe that’s what we’re here for – to make a difference. I am very thankful for you.


    Kay Landon

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