We Must Prevent Imperialist Aggression Against Syria

By Socorro Gomes, President of World Peace Council (WPC) and Cebrapaz | August 30, 2013 |

For more than two years, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, the Zionist regime of Israel, the reactionary monarchies of the Middle East and Turkey has supported with weapons and money mercenaries. They are terrorists which under the nickname of “rebels” have converted the Syrian streets and cities into a stage of destruction and death. Hospitals, schools, residential neighborhoods, churches, mosques and State infrastructure are being systematically attacked, creating chaos and terror among the people.

The survival of Bashar Al Assad’s government has been undeniably supported by most of Syrian people, which has been united against this so powerful and nefarious coalition. It has led Barack Obama to start the way of provocation, threatening openly and following once again the steps of his predecessor, the terrorist of State George W. Bush.  Everybody remembers that, in 2003, Bush invaded Iraq, destroyed the country, killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis (including the former president Saddam Hussein), under the false pretext of the ownership of mass destruction weapons and the use of chemical arms.

After they have finished the share of the spoils, with the aggressors controlling most of Iraqi oil, the authorities of the occupation said cynically that they didn’t have found the so referred weapons. Although this, the redraw of the Middle East has continued being executed, now, by the democrat Barack Obama, which in the beginning of the crisis had stated that the use of chemical weapons in Syria would be a “red line”.

As an essay, they used the same speech. Obama’s former State Secretary, Hillary Clinton, stated many times that the objective of the United States in the crisis which involves the Arabian country is the fall of the president Bashar Al Assad.

 As President of the World Peace Council, I visited Syria some times. Evidently, each people have their own specific characteristics. However, Syrian people, which house a great diversity of religions and ethnics, showed a strong national identity.  For Shiites, Sunnis, Alawites, Druzes and Christians, their Syrian identity is above their specific identities. The acquaintanceship among religions is pacific and respectful. The centre of Damascus has, with short distance, churches and mosques. The hospitality to receive the visitors, similar to Brazilian people, caused me admiration and sympathy. The solidarity of Syrian nation with Palestinian people and other peoples of the region, as well as the anti-imperialist position of the country, make Syria respected by peoples throughout the world. This humanistic wealth is under threatening of eminent danger of destruction.

As used to say the indomitable President Hugo Chavez, in the United States we cannot trust not even a tiny bit. Even before the inspectors of the UN give their opinion about the use of chemical weapons, the Secretary of State John Kerry said that there is no doubt that the Syrian government used them. But he didn’t show any evidence, in a clear showing that facts are not important. This imperialist power has accumulated immense experience in break the International Law, ripping the Chart of UN and using weapons and great private means of communication to impose to the world their interests.

 The United States seeks to “redraw the Middle East”, for which they use ethnic and religious conflicts, build networks of espionage and of terrorists mercenaries to create chaos and weaken national states and governments. With the support of the mainstream media, they create a web of intrigue and disinformation. The imperialists “create facts” to justify the action of “humanitarian” missiles, drones, war fleets and all the apparatus necessary for the military domain and looting of wealth of other countries controlling sea routes. This is the great national interest of the United States: dominate nations and loot countries and peoples.

 The Syrian people have shown great bravery and courage in the defense of its self-determination, being an example of hope for people in struggle.

 We must intensify our efforts in support of peace in opposition to war, unconditionally expressing our solidarity with Syrian people. These actions must be expressed through denunciations of the aggressors everywhere: schools, universities, workplaces, streets and squares, organizing events to condemn and to prevent this crime against the peoples.

 It is up to all governments committed with the sovereignty of the nations and with peace to condemn the forces that are being prepared for the aggression against Syria. We must demand the respect for the Charter of UN and the stopping of making threats of war against the Syrian Arab Republic.

 It’s time for workers, the trade unions, women, youth, neighborhoods and popular movements to occupy the streets and squares against this imperialist aggression, assuming the defense of peace and sovereignty of Syria.


Photo: Metro UK, http://metro.co.uk/2013/08/31/gallery-syria-stop-the-war-protest-in-london-3944607/




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