UNAC Calls for United National Actions to Oppose US War on Syria

United Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) | September 3, 2013 |

The Obama Administration seems determined to start a senseless and bloody war on Syria.  This is in spite of the will of the American people, most Syrians, world public opinion, many U.S. military and intelligence officials, and even the Pope.  UN Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon warned that any “punitive” action against Syria would be illegal and that a strike could unleash “more turmoil and bloodshed”.

We cannot count on Congress to pull us out of this quagmire of expanding wars for profit.  However, any delay in launching the cruise missiles is important in organizing a strong opposition to this and future wars.

The war makers must be stopped and only a united and massive effort of all of us, reaching out to broad sectors of the American public can do this.  Remember, we have the majority on our side.

Until the vote in Washington, the immediate focus needs to be on Congress.  Weve all been involved in protest actions and we need to continue the pressure and intensify the mobilizations.  Our unified demand should be: Hands Off Syria  No War!

UNAC calls for putting pressure on Congress from now until the vote.  This includes organizing meetings with members of Congress, call-ins, sit-ins, letters, media outreach, petitions, etc.  Call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard: 1-202-224-3121.  Ask for your representative. Leave a message: VOTE NO TO WAR ON SYRIA!

In addition, we call for mass, united protest actions everywhere on Saturday, September 7.  These include demonstrations in NYC at Times Sq., Washington, DC, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, LA, Atlanta and many other places, as well as a demonstration in LA on Monday, September 9 when Obama addresses the AFL-CIO convention We endorse the call by the Syrian American Forum for a mobilization in Washington on Monday, September 9, led by Syrian Americans opposed to military intervention.  We strongly encourage participation in all protest actions in Washington, DC, the seat of power, starting on Saturday and all next week. 

An American strike threatens to explode what is already a regional proxy war into a worldwide catastrophe.  The stakes are high and we cannot afford to let any differences among us weaken and divide our forces.  If you are planning an action, please click here and fill out this form and we will list all actions on our website (www.UNACpeace.org).

Source: United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC)


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